Library and Archive Opt Out List

Libraries and archives may opt out of all CCB proceedings before anyone files a claim against them, and the Office will compile and maintain a list of those libraries and archives who have done so. If you are filing a claim against a library or archives, including their employees acting in the scope of their employment, you should check this list before filing a CCB claim to avoid unnecessary filing fees.

If you represent a library or archives and wish to preemptively opt your library or archives out of all CCB proceedings, you must fill out and submit the form on this page.

Please note that a library or archives that has not opted out of all CCB proceedings in advance may still opt out in response to an individual claim.

The Libraries and Archives Opt-Out Form requires the following:

  • A certification signed, under penalty of perjury, by any person with the authority to take legally binding actions on behalf of the library or archives in connection with litigation. The certification affirms that the library or archives qualifies for the limitations on exclusive rights set forth in section 108 of Title 17.
    • Please note: If a federal court determines that a library or archives does not qualify for the limitations on exclusive rights under section 108 of Title 17, that entity must inform the CCB of the federal court determination and submit a copy of the relevant order or opinion, if any, within fourteen days after it is issued.
  • The library’s or archives’ name, physical address, website (if applicable), and point of contact for future correspondence, including that point of contact’s work phone number, work mailing address, and work email address. Note that the library or archives must notify the CCB if this information changes.
    • Multiple libraries or archives may be included in the same submission if information for each one is listed separately, and the filer has the authority to submit the notification on behalf of all libraries and archives included.

A library or archives may rescind its opt-out election by providing written notification to the CCB via the [email protected] email. A library or archives may submit no more than one such rescission notification per calendar year.


If you have additional questions about the CCB opt-out procedures for libraries and archives, please contact us at [email protected].

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